Demo Day at Autodesk!

Demo Day at Autodesk!

Nomiku pitches at Haxlr8r Demo Day in Autodesk headquarters.

Our New Co-Founder

Our New Co-Founder

Bam Suppipat joins the Nomiku team!

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25 Minute Trout

25 Minute Trout

We make a complete sous vide locavore meal. Fast.
Beer Bath Bratwurst

Beer Bath Bratwurst

We cook sausage in beer below boiling.
60 Hour Sweet and Sticky Beef Ribs

60 Hour Sweet and Sticky Beef Ribs

Taste the tenderest corner of heaven.

Latest News

Please Feed the Animals











On the hottest Sunday yet in ShenZhen, we went to the “Safari Zoo” for Will’s birthday.

Snake dance.

Captain rabbit and his friends.







Have you ever been to the Bronx Zoo or another Wildlife Conservation Society approved menagerie? Now imagine the opposite of that. Imagine you can bait wolves with pieces of chicken and any animal can be fed (elephants, giraffes, even ligers). Imagine that people put wild animals on you out of the blue and then chase you down for payment. Imagine a bear riding a motorcycle across a tightrope and the vehicle has a basket tied to it with a performer inside.

Got it?

Cool, welcome to my nightmare and reality for one heat stroke inducing day.

Before the day got too oppressive and we had to throw in the towel we had many opportunities for LOLz and OMGFs.

Hamster babies!

It was about 100 degrees inside.


Making some waves!












For one, Will and Kitty got into a floating hamster wheel and ran around like crazy. We think they probably weren’t able to stop. We weren’t able to stop hahahaing.

One against all.

Head massage.










The second and only other fun part was the petting zoo.


Breakdancing turtle.

Pet the alligators, children.


Mangy but together.

Alpha goat gets the carrot.
















Hilariously/predictably, we had no idea what was going on. Only a few things were familiar like feeding goats and ponies. The other parts of this “Children’s Paradise” completely broke our schema of what a child-friendly time is supposed to be. For instance, why are all of these domesticated dogs in captivity? And, what are alligators doing in a petting zoo?! The alligator tank had a plastic otter on top, so, does this mean that these alligators ate the previous otters in this exhibit?

Wolf bait (not the kid, that’s extra $).

Feed wild elephants for 10 RMB.

Hot dog.













After the petting zoo, the place just got too weird for us to attempt to reverse engineer. We mostly just starred at the madness slack-jawed and panting like a wild African dog.

Red panda.

Safety #1.


I’ll eat anything. This looks chill.









Tropical weather = bad for peguins.


Why do they keep them apart?












Thankfully, there was one animal that you couldn’t feed and that was the highly endangered Red Panda. Or rather, they were really hard to reach to feed. All of the animals looked really overheated and pretty soon Abe and I were too. We left just before the “feature show.” We hear we didn’t miss much. PETA should stop bothering people who eat meat or go to kennel shows and get themselves to the ShenZhen “Zoo.”


Vegan Eats in the PRC

Finally eating freely.

Team Axio is challenged by China. Laura is a vegetarian and Arye can’t eat pork. Unfortunately, the air basically contains crystalline bits of pork product in PRC. They rarely go on food adventures with us but on one DTF (down to feast) night we found a vegetarian restaurant that’s so legit monks frequent it. We took them there for a meal pronto. Read More…

Kitty Goes to the ER

What is the diagnosis?

I really messed up. On a calm Tuesday evening, I took Kitty to get her hair done at a salon and they cleaned her ears. She was really scared by it, but I told her it was okay because I had gotten it done before. Plus, it was a totally routine procedure executed by a professional. Read More…

Our Pet

I screamed and screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! OH MY GOD, oh my god, what is it?” I screamed while zipping myself into our mosquito cage on the bed.

Yes, there was a lizard in our apartment and yes, we are the proud owners of a mosquito net bed cage. Read More…

We’ve Solved Fashion

Fabric waterfall.

This weekend Bob, Kitty, Abe and I went to the border of Hong Kong and ShenZhen and found treasure! We took the Luo Bao subway to a shopping mecca called Lou Hu at the end of the line.

Kitty and me (above) are standing in front of a small fraction of the fabrics available at the stores. Any textile, whether it be chiffon, silk, or jersey has its own section with hundreds of color and pattern options. Read More…

Rapid Prototyping Playdate

Happy friends.

What a trip.







Today we went to a rapid prototyping company called A-Tech and had playtime.

Mr. Potato sack.

Disruptive cooking technology.







Big names like Hasbro, Mattel, and VTech depend on this company to make their models for mass production and it looks like we will too. Read More…

The Dream of the 90’s is Alive in Shekou

Construction vista.

One fine Saturday, Abe took me out on a staycation to the ex-pat heavy region of ShenZhen called Sea World. Living in this city has made seeing fields of full on construction our everyday normal. However, the intensity of build-lust off the Sea World line stop in the Shekou neighborhood is extra extreme. Read More…

Maker Faire ShenZhen

Stayin' busy.

This weekend we attended the first ever Maker Faire in China and it was bursting with new ideas and friendly faces. We caught up with mentor Mitch Altman and it was a special treat since he won’t be at Maker Faires in the United States for a while. Read More…

Hong Kong Weekend

We waited in line for three hours.

Womp, womp. The next time we go into Hong Kong we’ll probably head over earlier. Last weekend we endured waiting behind a literal sea of people. Sometimes they just moved from side to side, creating a wave motion instead of moving forwards. While immobile in line, we got aggressively rough-handled by some transient grandmas, I think Abe still has bruises from their pinching. Read More…

Pot of Sin Birthday Party!

The Chairman and his cake.

Our chairman Cyril had a birthday and we went all out. While team Shaka laser cut a Haxlr8r logo for his cake and we made Cy his favorite food ever.

Cyril waxed poetic about his favorite food as being a pot of sin with a thousand flavors— we later figured out that this was the literal translation for fondue from French. Read More…