NYC Resistor Ember Class

Ember class at NYC Resistor

Q teaches with Samson in lap.

On a seriously boiling-hot Saturday, we went to NYC Resistor to teach a class on our Ember Kit. As our cab driver let us out from across the hackerspace he asked quizzically, “Here?!”

Indeed, the place is located seemingly in the middle of nowhere, the streets were empty and the heavy metal entry doors were locked. After we got in and climbed up four flights of stairs we were in hacker heaven. There were plenty of outlets on the main teaching table, tasty mate tea energy drinks, and a pup named Samson, belonging to Resistor member Ranjit, who was a fluffy sensation.

Soldering Ember Kit at NYC Resistor

Studious students.

We had students who were beginners to ones who had solder running through their blood (probably literally since they inhale that stuff so often). They came from as far as Italy, Thailand, and Florida!

Soldering DIP Socket to Ember Kit

Abe discusses the philosophical context of dip sockets.

We’re happy to report nobody electrocuted themselves!

Soldering rotary encoder to Ember Kit

This smarty pants is already on the Rotary Encoder.

Attaching LED to Ember Kit










One student, Matt, finished his Ember Kit in record time (1 hour and half). We watched in awe at his soldering mastery.

Adjusting Ember Kit PCB


We made sure to supply everyone with the insanely addictive drink “Club Mate” (a bubbly, citrusy mate tea) to keep them focused. A seasoned imbiber described its flavor as “ass.” We really enjoyed it though.

Soldering together Ember Kit

Soldering is fun.

Teaching gave us a lot of good ideas about how to make our instructions better and how to better design our next models.

Attaching knob to Ember Kit

Lady hackers represent.

Soldering Sold State Relay to Ember Kit


Samson was a good cheerleader and by the end of the class we were smitten with the little puffball.

Another Samson portrait

Abe holding Samson

Lisa and Samson contemplate sous vide cooking

Samson can read your thoughts



We hope there are pets at all the hackerspaces we visit.

The Ember Kit should not be used to take over the world

Presented without comment.

The class was a success! Everyone got their little PID’duinos to work with our Grill Tub Time Machine. Some will use their Ember to cook sous vide and others will use it to take over the world. Thank you NYC Resistor for hosting us!

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