The Ember Kit on NPR

Jon Kalish of NPR interviewed us at the NYC Makerfaire this year for a story about DIY sous vide with fellow makers Matt McNamara, Eric Wilhelm, and Dustin Andrews.

It’s called: Self-Starters Eat Up This Slow-Cooking Technique.

Fruit and vegetables can also be prepared in a sous vide cooker. Lisa Qiu is seemingly in ecstasy after trying pears that had been poached for 16 hours.

“It slides across your mouth like a spoonful of custard,” she says. “It’s such a bright flavor; it’s like a bright summer day. It’s eating summer.”

Qiu and her physicist fiance make an $80 kit that attaches to cheap kitchen appliances, like coffee makers or slow cookers, and turns them into sous vide cookers. When the kit is assembled, it consists of a small box with a digital display.

Qiu was cooking eggs at a gathering of DIYers called Maker Faire in New York. She was using a small, inexpensive deep fryer filled with water. Devotees of sous vide cooking often gush about eggs cooked this way.

“The whites are still runny, and I just peel them back and reveal the custardy yolk, which is … unnaturally delicious,” she says.

What an honor and pleasure to be included with these illustrious hackers! Ooooooooooooooooooo baaaaabbayyyy!

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