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We’re Biocurious

Biocurious class is hard at work

Our biocurious friends solder feverishly for food.

Our left coast inaugural class took place in Sunnyvale at the l33t (and new) hax0rspace BioCurious. Our gangstar friend, Tito Jankowski of Open PCR, started this project with a handful of other open sorcerers.

We had such a variety of people making kits! This class had the most women we’ve taught in one sitting— actually, it had the most peopleĀ  we’ve ever taught in one go ever. Some were killah l33ts who only bought technology that was open source because of their morals. We also had cool and brave n00bz who never soldered before but were pros by the end of the class.

Soldering the Ember KitStudying modernist cuisineIt was totally worth it to schelp our 50+ lb Modernist Cuisine to the class. Not only did it provide entertainment post-hacking, but it held up our projector to the perfect height.

We are really lifted from all of the creative energy— also, we received helpful feedback. Thank you. It was great meeting so many talented foodhackers. You guys really cement in why moving to California was a good decision.

PID’duino Alpha One Class

Abe and Jon working on the meat jacuzzi in alpha one labs

Abe and Jon working on the Meat Jacuzzi in Alpha One Labs.

We’re on a world tour (in the baseball way) to teach hax0rz and curious people all over how to make an Arduino-based hackbox that can accurately control the temperature of any appliance of their choice. Last night, at 7pm during a violent rainstorm, we held a free class at Alpha One Labs on how to build an $80 sous vide machine. Behind Abe is every tool in the known universe to help a maker build anything. Like kids in a candy shop, we went through a wide range of tools from drills, propane torches, to a powerful laser. Read More…