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The Ember Kit on NPR

Jon Kalish of NPR interviewed us at the NYC Makerfaire this year for a story about DIY sous vide with fellow makers Matt McNamara, Eric Wilhelm, and Dustin Andrews.

It’s called: Self-Starters Eat Up This Slow-Cooking Technique.

Fruit and vegetables can also be prepared in a sous vide cooker. Lisa Qiu is seemingly in ecstasy after trying pears that had been poached for 16 hours.

“It slides across your mouth like a spoonful of custard,” she says. “It’s such a bright flavor; it’s like a bright summer day. It’s eating summer.”

Qiu and her physicist fiance make an $80 kit that attaches to cheap kitchen appliances, like coffee makers or slow cookers, and turns them into sous vide cookers. When the kit is assembled, it consists of a small box with a digital display.

Qiu was cooking eggs at a gathering of DIYers called Maker Faire in New York. She was using a small, inexpensive deep fryer filled with water. Devotees of sous vide cooking often gush about eggs cooked this way.

“The whites are still runny, and I just peel them back and reveal the custardy yolk, which is … unnaturally delicious,” she says.

What an honor and pleasure to be included with these illustrious hackers! Ooooooooooooooooooo baaaaabbayyyy!

We’re Biocurious

Biocurious class is hard at work

Our biocurious friends solder feverishly for food.

Our left coast inaugural class took place in Sunnyvale at the l33t (and new) hax0rspace BioCurious. Our gangstar friend, Tito Jankowski of Open PCR, started this project with a handful of other open sorcerers.

We had such a variety of people making kits! This class had the most women we’ve taught in one sitting— actually, it had the most peopleĀ  we’ve ever taught in one go ever. Some were killah l33ts who only bought technology that was open source because of their morals. We also had cool and brave n00bz who never soldered before but were pros by the end of the class.

Soldering the Ember KitStudying modernist cuisineIt was totally worth it to schelp our 50+ lb Modernist Cuisine to the class. Not only did it provide entertainment post-hacking, but it held up our projector to the perfect height.

We are really lifted from all of the creative energy— also, we received helpful feedback. Thank you. It was great meeting so many talented foodhackers. You guys really cement in why moving to California was a good decision.

NYC Resistor Ember Class

Ember class at NYC Resistor

Q teaches with Samson in lap.

On a seriously boiling-hot Saturday, we went to NYC Resistor to teach a class on our Ember Kit. As our cab driver let us out from across the hackerspace he asked quizzically, “Here?!” Read More…