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We Got Married!

Q and Abe are married!

Demo Day at Autodesk!

Presenting at Autodesk!

Being last to pitch was definitely nerve-racking. I think I paced a hole into the floor at Autodesk.

The Autodesk Gallery.

At work in our cozy dining room.


What got me through it was looking at all the gorgeous creations in the gallery and thinking about how all of my Haxlr8r friends were rooting for me.

Miya got me the Necomimi!

Our friend Miya from Sassor gifted me with some mind controlled cat ears, called the Necomimi, before I had to go on and it did a great deal to distract and entertain me.

With all these great forces behind me, I went on stage and burst right out of my shell. The audience laughed and clapped loudly and I left the stage feeling high.

The next day, we all watched slack-jawed as all the press rolled in:

Bloomberg, CNET, Wired, Engadget, and MAKE were some of the first media on the scene to scoop the story. Sweating through my dress was totally worth it. Our Kickstarter surpassed 100K in just three days, making us one of the fastest launching Kickstarter projects ever. Currently we are at 80% of our goal and we are ecstatic at the outpouring of support from makers and food lovers alike.

It’s been an amazing journey and things are just heating up! Thanks for following us through it all.

Our New Co-Founder

Bam (left), our design co-founder.

We went to Thailand to visit Bam because he’s a professional chef and we wanted to get fat. And while we did eat some of the most delicious food of our lives, we ended gaining way more than just some jolly jelly. As it turns out, Bam is a RISD industrial design graduate as well as a the French Culinary Institute one. We met him last July when he took a break from slaving away in elite New York kitchens to attend our DIY class at NYC Resistor.

Thai shrimp ceviche.

"Pat thai."







Chicken over rice cooked in chicken fat.




Gravlax in Thailand? Oui!

Now that's a crabcake.













Each bite of the inspiring dishes Bam introduced us to led to talking about our dreams for the future of food. Consequently, this quickly led to sharing drawings and AutoCAD files.

At the end of our trip we asked Bam to join our team and he accepted on the spot! Last Saturday we picked him up from the Hong Kong airport and ferried him to Haxlr8r headquarters. Since then we’ve hit the ground running finalizing our prototype production with factories and working on a killer pitch for demo day at AutoDesk in San Francisco. It’s been a wild ride so far and we’re happy to have found another true believer to complete our team.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he feeds us too.

Crispy pancake with mussels and oysters.

We’ve Solved Fashion

Fabric waterfall.

This weekend Bob, Kitty, Abe and I went to the border of Hong Kong and ShenZhen and found treasure! We took the Luo Bao subway to a shopping mecca called Lou Hu at the end of the line.

Kitty and me (above) are standing in front of a small fraction of the fabrics available at the stores. Any textile, whether it be chiffon, silk, or jersey has its own section with hundreds of color and pattern options. Read More…

World Tour

On one of the hottest and sunniest days yet in ShenZhen we headed over to “Window of the World” with our friends from HX to check it out what it was all about. Wildly popular, WotW has its own subway stop and on any given day busloads of couples will come to take their wedding photos here. Why? Because it’s crazy. The place looks like what flashes before the eyes of an insanely well-traveled model maker before he dies from crashing his technicolored motorcycle into a glass rainbow.

Lady Liberty was Mayan.

Where in the world is this?



Read More…

We’re Biocurious

Biocurious class is hard at work

Our biocurious friends solder feverishly for food.

Our left coast inaugural class took place in Sunnyvale at the l33t (and new) hax0rspace BioCurious. Our gangstar friend, Tito Jankowski of Open PCR, started this project with a handful of other open sorcerers.

We had such a variety of people making kits! This class had the most women we’ve taught in one sitting— actually, it had the most peopleĀ  we’ve ever taught in one go ever. Some were killah l33ts who only bought technology that was open source because of their morals. We also had cool and brave n00bz who never soldered before but were pros by the end of the class.

Soldering the Ember KitStudying modernist cuisineIt was totally worth it to schelp our 50+ lb Modernist Cuisine to the class. Not only did it provide entertainment post-hacking, but it held up our projector to the perfect height.

We are really lifted from all of the creative energy— also, we received helpful feedback. Thank you. It was great meeting so many talented foodhackers. You guys really cement in why moving to California was a good decision.